Vodafone, Greece

Vodafone Greece was the first flagship launch of Omilia Technology in year 2010 and a landmark for NLU technology, since it was there that Omilia’s Dialogue Manager was used for the first time. Since then the portal has successfully serviced millions of customer every year, and has received the BITE AWARD for innovation in customer service.

“The DiaManT platform has allowed much friendlier self-service of customers, with benefits seen around first call resolution (in sending the customer to the right person the first time), reduction of internal call transfers, adoption of automated services within the IVR environment and improving customer IVR experience. The use of open language model has opened up capabilities that traditional DTMF environments restrict.”

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Our proven Omni-Channel technology is aimed at:

  • Large Corporations (200+ agents / 4+ million calls per year)
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