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ENEL Romania

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Project details
Pilot Launch: 2014
Traffic: more than 12,500,000 calls/year
Short description: An NLU Customer Care Portal designed to service millions of ENEL customers that dial in to provide their meter readings, check their balance due, report service outages and get information on dozens of subjects. The service has been received very well by the callers and cost savings of houndreds of thousands of euros have been verified based on real measurements.
Omilia has proven to be a very responsive and knowledgable partner, with strong technical expertise in the field of NLU, IVR, ASR and all underlying contact centre technologies, that has consistently delivered the project ahead of time, and has managed to have a very satisfactory communication and support of the ENEL team.
– Dan Crisfaluci, ENEL 5ervicii Comune, ICT Director

ASR: Omilia omASR v3
CRM: Custom
Service categories recognized:
More than 100 domain-specific (Electric Power Utilities) requests like account balance, meter rating statement, network problems, payment confirmations etc.
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