Conversational Customer Care

The Omilia Conversational AI Self-Service solution includes everything an enterprise needs to address their omni-channel CX strategy, with impressive cost-savings and improved CX across voice and digital channels. Our solution provides a seamless human-like conversational experience for self-service across all channels.

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Our Solution

Conversational AI Self-Service

The only AI solution in the market today that can boast not 1 but at least 70 production-grade contact centers globally. One platform, one integration – all channels, all formats; same impeccable conversational experience on all of them.

OCP miniApps®

Revolutionizing the Conversational AI industry, miniApps® are independent and configurable natural language dialog components that handle a single task. Regardless of your existing Call Center provider, without any coding or integration.

Business Insights

Take advantage of 100% transparency into the operational performance of your virtual agent and leverage the big data generated by DiaManT® for continuous improvement.

Voice Biometrics

Passive IVR-side Voice Biometrics – Customers speak freely in a natural language conversation with DiaManT® while deepVB® uses biometric voice print features to authenticate customers in the background as they speak.

Our Technology

Omilia has developed an entire stack of proprietary technologies that allow the enterprise to
realize the digital transformation of their customer care.

Omni-Channel Conversational Platform

The DiaManT® platform provides the infrastructure and core capabilities to power an omni-channel conversational experience.

Speech Recognition

Our Automatic Speech Recognition engine leverages the most advanced forms of Deep Learning.

Voice Biometrics

Authenticate customers via their unique biometric voice-print, in the background as they speak freely with the Virtual Agent.


DiaManT® Anti-Fraud mechanisms provide detection capabilities for proactive end-to-end fraud prevention with 360° closed-loop Anti-Fraud and Self-Services.

Developer Tools

Build brand-unique natural language applications for customer care with highly engaging user experiences and human-like conversational interactions.

Develop Once And Deploy Everywhere

True Omni-Channel

Omilia in Numbers

Real World Results

Real World Results are based on 3 major clients in North America and Europe

Arrange a demonstration

Arrange a demonstration of our technology and learn how it can transform your customer care

The Omilia Technology Stack

Under One Platform

Omilia has developed an entire stack of proprietary technologies that allow the enterprise to
realize the digital transformation of their customer care. By taking an Omni-channel approach
to the design of its technologies Omilia is able to provide its customers with
a single unified platform for conversational customer service on all channels.


Create and manage conversational scenarios within minutes and build advanced dialogs to manage the conversation flow with customers, all from the cloud. No software development or coding experience necessary!

Our Secret Sauce

At Omilia we live by the conviction that good technology is invisible to the user. To achieve this
goal we invest in research both on technology and human behavior.

Super Fast Development

Delivery in 4-6 months
No hard coding voiceXML

Rapid Changes

Launch changes in just hours
instead of weeks or months

100% Transparency

View all interactions in real-time
with the Dialog Review tool

True Omni-Channel

Driving conversational
dialogs on all channels

Proven ROI

Improve client satisfaction
while reducing operational costs


Seamless, end-to-end
conversational experience

One Platform

One Single Platform for
All Channels

Design Tools

Intuitive NLU Design Tools

What Our Clients Say

Valentina Yarosh, Manager of Customer service

“Omilia became a valuable partner in an emergency situation when many thousands of people concurrently called our call center to receive specific information. Omilia managed to change the Alfa Bank NLU call center application within a few hours and handle the calls appropriately!"

Ángel P. Gutiérrez, Chief Procurement Office

“It was important that the solution not only correctly routed our customers to the proper agent skill group, but even more importantly was able to provide self-service automation in a conversational manner, just like a human agent. To name a few of the dramatic improvements, we were able to decrease our IVR handling time by 50% and complaints about traditional IVR complexity have almost disappeared."

“The DiaManT® platform has allowed much friendlier self-service of customers, with benefits seen around first call resolution (in sending the customer to the right person the first time), reduction of internal call transfers, adoption of automated services within the IVR environment and improving customer IVR experience."


Our proven Omni-Channel technology is aimed at:

Large Corporations (200+ agents / 4+ million calls per year), Integrators & Contact Center Service Providers.

If you represent a relevant business and would like to arrange a demonstration of our technology and learn how it can transform your customer care, fill out our form and we will get in contact with you to get the ball rolling.

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