DiaManT® Anti-Fraud

DiaManT® Anti-Fraud mechanisms provide detection capabilities for proactive end-to-end fraud prevention with 360° closed-loop Anti-Fraud and Self-Services.

Fraud Prevention Features

Fraud Prevention mechanisms are built into the natural language conversational application, meaning that DiaManT® can challenge the caller with additional security questions, in addition to the biometric voiceprint score, as well as analyze various call/session characteristics.

Call Audio and Telephony Analysis

Geo-location Cross-checks

Hand-crafted MO analysis & Scoring

Device Type Analysis

Credit Card Profiling & Scoring

Support for Caller ID Whitelist & Blacklist

DiaManT® Anti-Fraud Risk Level Scoring

Risk Levels The DiaManT® anti-fraud algorithm generates a Risk Level associated with each call.

DiaManT® Action

Escalate to Fraud Department for Review

DiaManT® Action

Ask Traditional Security Questions

DiaManT® Action

Provide Service

Combining DiaManT® Anti-Fraud with deepVB®

DiaManT® Anti-Fraud and deepVB® are complementary:

deepVB® is for authentication and known fraudster detection with the benefits of better client experience, increased productivity and lower agent operation cost, and lower fraud risk.

DiaManT® Anti-Fraud is for fraud detection for lower Fraud Risk.

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Our proven Omni-Channel technology is aimed at:

  • Large Corporations (200+ agents / 4+ million calls per year)
  • Integrators & Contact Center Service Providers

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