About Omilia

We are an agile team with the thirst for innovation that startups dream of. Our seasoned management team has been in the Customer Care Automation business for more than 20 years, bringing a deep understanding of the market’s needs, the shortcomings of established commercial technologies, and a robust vision for where things should be going.

Couple that with our capacity for rapid commercialization of state-of-the-art technology in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Understanding, and it is clear why today Omilia is the only company with over 20 production call center deployments of true Conversational Virtual Agents, in 11 countries world-wide, representing 10 different languages, and serving more than 1 billion customer interactions.

Founded in 2002 by Dimitris and Pelias, literally out of their garage, Omilia started as a contact center integrator, building solutions on top of 3rd party software.  We quickly gained first hand experience of the shortcomings and difficulties of delivering an unstructured Natural Language UI with the then available technologies. In an attempt to overcome 3rd party deficiencies Dimitris and team set out to create a next generation technology, an intelligent Dialog Management platform (DiaManΤ®) and an innovative Natural Language Understanding engine (deepNLU®), that would be able to bridge the gap and offer a true conversational IVR experience.

Today we are proud to have the most accurate on-premise ASR engine (deepASR®) in the world, with accuracies in the Banking and Telecoms domains touching human-level performance. But we don’t stop there: our deepNLU® engine is capable of delivering unprecedented levels of semantic accuracy in conversational dialogs never seen again in live environments, while our deepVB® Biometrics Authentication engine ensures accurate speaker identification.

We now offer an entire stack of proprietary ground-breaking technologies, enabling Omilia to bring solutions to market that our competitors only have in their presentation decks.

In 2015 we entered the North American market, and in 2016 we deployed the first ever truly Conversational Virtual Agent solution for Royal Bank of Canada, the largest and most innovative bank in the country.

Today we are working with a number of financial institutions and telecom operators in the USA, who want to offer their customer base a truly user-friendly, effective, omni-channel self-service solution, while slashing operating costs.

Dimitris Vassos
CEO, Omilia

Our Core Team

Dimitris Vassos

CEO / Founding Partner

Pelias Ioannidis

CFO / Founding Partner

John Nikolaidis

CCO / Partner

Pepi Stavropoulou

Head Natural Language R&D

Petr Mizera

Head Speech Scientist

Dimitris Zabakolas

Head of Platforms

Maryan Kondratyuk

Head of Business Operations in CIS

Konstantinos Asimakopoulos

Business Development Director - Europe

Quinn Agen

Business Development Director - N. America

Nikos Kolivas

Head NLU Product Management

Dimitris Togias

Head Web & Mobile

Sofia Kasviki

Senior NLU Engineer

Olga Ziotas

Account Director - N. America

Vladimiros Tsamouridis

Head Systems Engineering

Maria Siska

Resource Planning & Delivery Manager

Johann Venter

Business Development Director - Africa

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Our proven Omni-Channel technology is aimed at:

  • Large Corporations (200+ agents / 4+ million calls per year)
  • Integrators & Contact Center Service Providers

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