Agent Assist

Boost Productivity and Service Quality with real-time AI-assisted Agent Support

Monitor & Assist Agent-Customer Conversations in Real-time

Omilia’s Agent Assist provides agents with personalized coaching and contextually relevant real-time assistance whilst they’re serving customers to ensure they can fulfill their requests quickly and seamlessly, helping boost customer satisfaction.


It is also your agent’s personal intelligent virtual assistant. It advises your agents based on the caller’s interest or specific problem so they can provide targeted guidance and complete tasks to improve customer engagement. Agents can ask Agent Assist questions or initiate tasks for it to perform during live calls with customers, freeing them to focus on delivering timely, personalized service and leaving transaction execution, information retrieval and other repetitive or time-consuming tasks to AI.


Omilia’s Agent Assist moves you closer to a fully enabled AI-powered call center. Together with powerful virtual assistants, call center agents are now empowered to drive better outcomes faster, so you can extract the highest value from every inch of the agent’s desktop.

Why you’ll love Agent Assist

Automate More

Watch your cost per call reduce as you successfully automate more calls, with a balance of supervised and unsupervised AI.

Meet your KPIs

Decrease handling time, improve customer satisfaction, and decrease costs. Maximize your agent utilization, reduce repetitive calls, and deflect faster.

Reduce Fraud Risk

Reduce fraud exposure by enabling your agents with anti-fraud tools: voice biometrics, behavioral biometrics, and the ability to detect fraud attempts in real-time.

Closing the Loop on Contact Centre Technology

Omilia’s Agent Assist technology moves the bar closer to an fully-enabled AI powered Call Centre. Together with powerful virtual assistants, call centre agents are now empowered to drive better outcomes faster.

A fully integrated widget with powerful features to help agents get to their best performance.

Extracting the highest value from every inch of the agent’s desktop.

Action Suggestion and Script Adherence

Ensure your agents always know what to do next and make sure they consider previous customer interactions when building rapport.

Real-time action suggestions. Guarantee agents are following the right script and fulfilling all the required actions.

Identify valuable data and transform it into datasets to train AI agents immediately.

Sentiment Analysis

Analyse customer and agent sentiment in real-time, set up alerts and trigger actions, or supervisor escalations.

Ensure your customers are feeling heard and supported.

Make sure agents comply with basic policies and adhere to the level of professionalism your brand requires.

Call Transcription and Summarization

Summarise calls as they finish and ensure information is saved, processed in real-time,  and the entire context is passed across agents and stored in your CRM

Call Summarization and context sharing between queues and agents.

Historical analysis and storage of customer interactions. Real-time access to call transcription, as it happens, for timely action.

Real-time Knowledgebase Assist

We follow customer conversations and based on customer intent we provide suggestions of relevant product and services information. Integrate your knowledge bases with any Omilia application.

Help your agents answer common customer questions and reduce the average talk time.

Summarize extensive knowledge base information into easy to consume articles for agents.

Conversation Analytics

Get clear insights from all your contact center data to inform how to improve the customer experience.

Analyse agent-side and virtual agents calls on script adherence, call duration, cost per call and more to identify improvement opportunities

Retain historical analysis of customer interactions which is stored and summarised for future access.

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