AI-Powered Automation
for IT Support

Use IT skills efficiently

Skilled IT professional spend extensive hours on routine tasks. Given the current shortage of qualified IT talent and the rising demand, this is a waste of valuable resources. Use Omilia’s IT helpdesk Conversational AI solution and maximise the efficiency of your IT team.

Employees often face IT issues, from software glitches to hardware malfunctions that disrupt their productivity. Traditional IT support can consume significant resources, both in terms of time and personnel. Our Conversational AI for IT Helpdesk solution automates routine IT Helpdesk issues, freeing up your skilled IT professionals to tackle more intricate challenges that demand their expertise.

Assisted resolution

Break away from outdated IT channels. Omilia’s Conversational AI gives employees an interactive channel, available 24/7, to guide them through resolving common problems. By querying existing and online sources of knowledge, Omilia’s solution provides easy to follow and clear instructions to troubleshoot and resolve any problem reported. Maximise productivity by ensuring that all employees are independent and self-sufficient. 

Streamlined IT Approvals

Beyond troubleshooting, the IT Helpdesk AI solution can also handle routine approval requests without the need for submitting formal tickets or waiting for manual sign-offs. Whether it’s software installation requests or access permissions, the AI streamlines the approval process, allowing employees to continue their work without unnecessary delays.

Key Features

Seamless Integration

Our AI can be easily integrated into your current IT infrastructure, enhancing your existing support ecosystem

Accurate Diagnostic Assistance

Our AI's advanced algorithms swiftly diagnose problems, saving time for both users and IT staff

Live Deflection of callers to Web Content

Guide users to online resources, such as support manuals or troubleshooting guides, to resolve issues independently

Step-by-step Guidance

Receive guided instructions to troubleshoot and resolve problems independently

Automated Workflows

Initiate automated processes for routine tasks, approvals, and escalations, ensuring streamlined and consistent procedures

Smart Issue Escalation

Automatically escalate complex issues to specialized IT experts, ensuring comprehensive and efficient resolution

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