Case Study

AI-Powered Customer Service Automation for Utilities


The company is the largest provider of electric and gas service in New Jersey, serving approximately 2.2 million electric customers and 1.8 million gas customers, covering nearly three-quarters of the state’s population. Their customer service receives an average of 500,000 inbound calls per month and employs around 400 agents to handle this high call volume.


The company’s IVR solution was costly, not flexible enough to handle customer calls, and difficult to maintain.

This prompted the company to look for a cloud-based solution that offered greater flexibility, deep intent understanding, and context understanding without software development. They wanted to reduce costs, improve operational agility, increase containment and enhance the customer experience.


  • The existing IVR system lacked the ability to trigger one flow from another, limiting users from changing their intent during an interaction causing low adoption of self-service. Additionally, the solution relied on a limited set of keywords for extracting meaning from what customers said, leading to difficulties completing transactions when customers did not use one of those keywords.

Omilia’s native Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) integration enabled them to quickly and easily replace its contact center with a CCaaS cloud platform. 


Omilia’s unrivaled pre-built industry-specific Virtual Agent Skills are designed to handle common utility service requests and tasks. Omilia Conversational Voice efficiently responds to account queries, manages spikes in traffic during outages or technical issues, and provides scalable AI support to meet fluctuations in customer demand. With Omilia’s conversational AI solution, the company has:

Unrivalled visibility into customer needs in real-time enabling them to monitor live calls and continually improve call handling to deliver higher quality customer interactions.

Enhanced customer service levels by enabling accuracy in call routing and improved interactions even during severe weather conditions


Omilia’s conversational AI solution proved to be a cost-effective and efficient alternative for the company, enabling them to optimize their customer service operations and significantly reduce costs.

Omilia has successfully implemented 11 self-services, including:


• Account Information
• Bill Payment
• Set Up Equal Payment Plan

• Set Up Deferred Payment Agreement
• Billing History
• Repair Appointment

With Omilia’s unrivaled semantic accuracy its conversational AI solution has achieved:

Containment Rate

Task Completion Rate

Self Service Success Rate

With easy-to-use analytics data every day Omilia’s solution provides the utilities company with insights on how and where to continually improve customer interactions.