Advanced Voice Biometrics Beats Fraudsters and Accelerates Authentication

Omilia Authentication and Anti-Fraud Reduces AHT. Omilia IVA Authenticates callers before they reach an Agent

A Next Generation
Voice Biometrics

Reducing average handle time while improving authentication leads to significant customer experience benefits.

Older voice biometrics systems create unnecessary verification and enrollment challenges for callers and agents. Ours builds its own business case by authenticating faster and seamlessly reducing fraud while improving customer experience. 

Meet Omilia Authentication and Anti-Fraud. Next-level voice biometrics.

Contact centers have become the weak link in security. Global fraudsters are constantly targeting agents, attempting to steal sensitive information. And they’re succeeding. Your solution should keep the bad actors out while saving your customers’ time.

Omilia Authentication and Anti-Fraud uses a caller’s natural speaking patterns instead of traditional verification questions. It integrates with your fraud analytics software, identifying higher-risk calls while reducing call times for legitimate customers.


Shrink AHT to Reduce Staffing Costs

Multifactor voice technology listens in the background to verify caller identity, saving up to 40 seconds on each call.

Easy authentication strategies improve caller engagement in AI technology, helping you deflect more callers away from agents.

Go Beyond Simple

Inspect and analyze phone numbers to determine their authenticity. 


Maintain a list of known fraudster voices, and assess these for all future calls. 


Monitor user behavior to learn if someone calls in too often or attempts to gain access to multiple accounts.

Easy, Opt-In

Sample the customer in the IVA or while they speak to an agent. 


No special passwords to remember.  The caller doesn’t have to say or do anything unusual. 


The straightforward opt-in process encourages customers to participate and get serviced faster.

All the Powerful
Features You Need

Omilia Authentication and Anti-Fraud’s advanced features help speed up
authentication and reduce fraud.

IVR-Side Analysis

While your conversational voice application questions your caller, their voice is analyzed in the background, streamlining their experience.

Agent-Side Analysis

Real-time analysis of agent-handled interactions triggers alerts if the caller’s voice does not match previously captured samples.

ANI Spoofing Risk Analysis

Phone numbers are inspected and analyzed, providing a confidence assessment indicating whether the number is legitimate - or fraudulent.

Known Fraudster Blacklist

Calls are checked against a blacklist of known fraudster voices, alerting virtual or human agents to take the appropriate action.

One-Time-Passcode for Enrollment

When a caller’s voice is first sampled, a one-time passcode is sent to their trusted telephone number for authentication.

One-Time-Passcode for Validation

Customers can opt-in to authenticate every call by having one-time passcodes automatically sent to their registered numbers.

Learn How Omilia Authentication &
Anti-Fraud Can Reduce AHT and
Improve Authentication