Automating Customer Service in the Contact Center
AI-Powered Contact Centers

Today, the best contact centers deploy Conversational AI to automate customer service.They’re using chatbots and virtual assistants powered by recent advances in AI, to provide  automated 24/7 customer service. Best of all, they’re surprisingly personable: customers speak to a virtual assistant naturally, as they would another human being, and are understood and served efficiently and effectively.

With AI managing the bulk of customer traffic, agents can focus on more complex queries and connect with customers who want human interaction.

The problem with Traditional IVR

In the past, automating customer interactions would have impacted the customer experience for the worse. 
Legacy speech recognition technology was ill-equipped to understand accents or distinct voice inflexions and struggled to handle deviations from expected responses.  Worse, automated virtual assistants typically tended to make customers feel dismissed and unheard – that the company they’d given their business to didn’t care at all.

Amazing Automation

Today, with AI-powered Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology, automating customer service now enhances the customer experience.

Now, customers can benefit from self-service technology that understands their needs, is always polite and empathetic, and can serve them without delay – around the clock.

Customers can banish manual processes and rudimentary IVR systems. With hyper-tuned machine learning models, they can automate customer experience and cross the threshold – from a cost center to a profit center.

Proven Results

When Vodafone, one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, automated its customer service operations with Omilia, it stamped out inefficiencies, reduced costs and, most importantly, increased customer satisfaction.

Similarly, Omilia helped a leading US financial services company improve its customer experience with Conversational AI. The company achieved:


Semantic accuracy

Task completion rate
An increase in Authentication Success from 44% to 71.5%

reduction in IVR call
abandonment rate
over the DTMF IVR

Omilia’s been supporting customers for 20 years and with our depth of
knowledge and expertise, we are pioneering new innovations all the time.

How can AI pay for your contact center cloud migration?

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