Omilia is proud to have been recognized as the Company of the Year in CIOReview’s annual listing of the 10 Most Promising Conversational Platform Providers!

In awarding Omilia the Company of the Year recognition, CIOReview comments that:

The traditional IVR was designed to provide customer care with structured tree-based menu options, either driven by speech or touch-tone input. Unfortunately, humans don’t think or speak in a structured manner, which has inherently led to the universal frustration with these legacy phone systems. These simple structured finite-state machines don’t allow users to easily switch topics and respond without any contextual understanding. Even at this juncture when most financial institutions still adhere to the age-old tree-based IVR systems to facilitate customer engagement and to help them reach out to executives for addressing grievances. Fortunately, Omilia, with its enterprise Virtual Assistant platform, is changing all that by providing a seamless human-like conversational experience for self-service across all channels.

Omilia CEO Dimitris Vassos adds:

Our team is immensely experienced in deploying real-time conversational platforms across geographies and myriad sectors, which has given us an edge in the enterprise market. We’ve cemented our presence across 11 countries worldwide and now team Omilia is looking forward to expanding its footprint across North America, a market we successfully penetrated back in 2015.

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