Conversational AI for Customer Care

Overcoming Traditional IVR Challenges in Customer Care

Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences Across All Channels

In today’s experience economy, customer care is a key competitive differentiator but traditional contact center IVR technology is still ill-equipped to provide the level of service customers demand. Costs to maintain contact centers continue to rise, agent churn shows no sign of slowing and customers remain dissatisfied.

Elevate the Customer Experience

Omilia’s truly omni-channel platform enables you to deploy virtual assistants across voice (IVR), chat, messaging apps and more. 

Omni-Channel Personalized Service

Customers can use their preferred touchpoint and effortlessly switch from one channel to another without having to start over, as the system retains the context of their interactions, and leverages customer data to craft tailored interactions.

Guarantee 24/7 Service Availability

Ensure your customers receive assistance whenever they need it. With Omilia’s Voice AI Agents, enable hassle-free self-service, minimizing wait times and resolving issues promptly, even outside traditional business hours.

Empathy-driven Service

Omilia enables you to respond to customers with empathy and understanding, by monitoring customer sentiment to gauge service quality and adapting how to respond to ensure customers are satisfied.

Scale for Competitive Advantage

We automate 90%+ of customer service inquiries end-to-end, reducing live agent volumes and costs.

Drive Efficiency
Our virtual assistants handle even the most complex, multipart requests and intelligent routing ensures seamless hand-offs to live agents when needed, providing them with full context of the conversation.

Optimize Operations

Easily and cost-effectively handle high call volumes, seasonal spikes and cut long wait times without compromising on service quality.

Reduce Costs

Use the power of AI-driven automation to free up your human agents to concentrate on more value-added tasks, reducing costs and improving agent job satisfaction.

Support your Agents

With powerful Agent Assist, call center agents can now be empowered to drive better outcomes faster and be protected from fraud attacks.

Provide Real-Time Guidance

Provide your agents with personalized coaching and contextually relevant real-time assistance whilst they’re serving customers to ensure they can fulfill their requests quickly and boost customer satisfaction.

Reduce Fraud Risk
Authenticate callers before they reach your agents and mitigate the risk of your agents being tricked by fraudsters by enabling them with real-time anti-fraud tools that trigger alerts to your agents and keep bad actors out, safeguarding your customers without compromising good service.

Reduce Agent Burnout and Churn
Analyse customer and agent sentiment in real-time, set up alerts and trigger actions, or supervisor escalations

Why Omilia Conversational AI

Advanced Natural Language Understanding

powered by state-of-the-art Conversational and Generative AI, our Voice AI Agents comprehend customer queries with unparalleled accuracy and provide accurate responses with an experience that feels truly human.

Rapid No-Code Deployment & Out-of-the-Box Integrations

to deliver a seamless and consistent customer experience across all communication platforms, including voice, chat, SMS, and social media. Customers can effortlessly switch from one channel to another without having to start over, as the system retains the context of their interactions, ensuring smooth and unified communication.

Data Security and Compliance at the Core

with robust data encryption and compliance to meet stringent regulatory standards, including certifications against ISO27001, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR and SOC2 Type II, so you can protect your customer data.

Secure Voice Communications

with voice biometrics and advanced multi-layer anti-fraud solutions so you can authenticate callers and reduce risk so your customers know they are in safe hands.

Pre-trained Industry Specific Bots

expedite go-live of your automated contact center and increase first-contact resolution of customer requests with a conversational AI platform that reaches +97% accuracy.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

to identify common customer pain points and trends so you can continually optimize operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Trusted by leading brands globally, across all industries, Omilia is raising the bar for customer service automation.

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