Conversational Chat Fast-Tracks Digital Transformation while Keeping Customers Engaged

Omilia Conversational Chat Ensures Customer Interactions Are In Sync With Your Company’s Transformation

True End-to-End Natural Language Chat

The COVID-19 pandemic sped up digital transformation initiatives – and customer expectations. Your contact center chatbot technology must improve efficiency and add value while enhancing customer experience.

Meet Omilia Conversational Chat. Transforming Conversations.

In the drive for self-service support, many digital transformation programs have gotten ahead of their customer’s ability to adapt to new channels. AI conversational chatbots can fill the gap by assisting with inquiries not yet supported by wider company transformation efforts.

Omilia Conversational Chat drives digital transformation initiatives by keeping customers engaged without needing to involve a human agent.

Retain Customers
During Business Change

Offer assistance for inquiries not yet served by the digital transformation. 

Guide customers to new and changing functionality without involving an agent.

Keep customers aligned with your changes.

Create Efficient Workflows

Deflect calls from voice sessions to Conversational Chat sessions.

Guide customers even without logging in.

Provide Reactive and Proactive Help

AI chat proactively offers help, up-sell, or cross-sell based on customer behaviors.

Automatically ask follow-up questions to clarify customer responses.

Route calls with detailed information to human agents if requests can’t be self-served.

All the Powerful Features You Need

Omilia Conversational Chat’s advanced features accelerate digital transformation while improving customer service.

Learn How Omilia Conversational Chat
can accelerate digital transformation
while improving customer service.