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Customer Service

Omilia Conversational Voice Simplifies
Caller Experiences and Lowers Costs
A Modern,
There’s more pressure than ever on call center automation to reduce call times, improve service, and drive revenue.

Unfortunately, queue abandon rates are higher than ever, and bad customer service automation experiences create headaches for customers and call center staff alike.

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Natural Conversations Keep Callers Engaged

Callers express themselves naturally, responding as if Conversational Voice is human.

If a caller’s response is vague or unclear, Omilia automatically clarifies with follow-up questions.

Improved Automation

Omilia’s commitment to security means your automation is safer.

Our hyper-tuned models let you do more complex automation.

And our wizards give you best practices and complete control.

Voice Biometrics Authenticates Callers
Advanced voice biometrics lets you validate a caller’s probable identity before reaching an agent.

This automated business logic can save 40 seconds per call.
All the Powerful
Features You Need

Omilia Conversational Voice features proprietary automation technology which enhances customer service fulfillment, improves caller engagement, and drives market-leading success rates.