Food Service Providers Streamline Fulfillment and Boost Sales with Omilia’s AI Technology

Automate routine tasks and improve customer communication while responding to industry-wide changes

Food Service Providers Streamline Fulfillment and Boost Sales with Omilia’s AI Technology

Automate routine tasks and improve customer communication while responding to industry-wide changes

Quick Service
Restaurants Navigate Complex Challenges with Conversational AI

The QSR industry faces complex challenges, including rising operational costs, staffing difficulties, and maintaining customer satisfaction. Omilia’s conversational AI technology addresses these pain points by providing an efficient, accessible, and personalized experience for customers.

Omilia’s technology helps businesses remain competitive, meet customer expectations, increase revenue, and reduce costs. Our technology is already processing automated orders and payments over the phone and drive-thrus for leading quick-serve restaurant brands with over 20,000 locations in the USA.

It’s clear that QSRs have changed, and companies embracing conversational AI are poised for success.

Conversational Voice

Say goodbye to customer frustration caused by long wait times and confusing automated systems.

Whether taking orders for delivery or answering customer queries about menu items and special offers, Omilia Conversational Voice can simplify the customer experience and lower costs.

With its advanced conversational AI technology, Omilia greets guests, takes orders, and adds them to the POS system, ready for the kitchen to prepare the order. The solution also offers powerful features such as omnichannel support, virtual agent skills, and pre-built industry packages to help improve automation, increase security, and drive success rates. With Omilia, you can provide quick, accurate responses to customer questions and process orders efficiently.

Callers Engaged By Natural Conversations


Customers express themselves naturally thanks to a human-like conversational voice.

Omilia automatically asks follow-up questions if a customer’s queries are unclear.

AI helps to reduce customer service costs by managing common queries and providing additional information.

Increases the value of your average order and offers an upsell with a 35% success rate.

Automated Ordering and Delivery Tracking


Plug into any restaurant menu and manage orders at the drive-thru, on the phone or through a mobile app.

Advanced live order and delivery tracking can be enabled by integrating with courier platforms using APIs, SQL, or RPA.

Automated order-taking can receive phone, mobile, or drive-thru orders, improving the consistency of service and increasing the average value per order.

Eliminates the need for a human in-store to take orders from drive-thru customers, potentially resulting in savings of 1-2 full-time employees per restaurant.

Conversational Voice

Seamless ordering experience for
Gen Z’s favorite channel

Streamline the process of making a reservation or handling customer queries though chat channels.
Your customers can interact with a chatbot intuitively, receiving fast and accurate responses to their questions. The chat service offers a range of features, including omnichannel support, virtual agent skills for food ordering, and pre-built industry packages, to create automated interactions that customers love and fulfill your CX KPIs.

By adopting conversational chat technology like Omilia, food service operators can eliminate the frustration of waiting on hold or navigating complicated automated systems, delivering a personalized and efficient service to their customers.

Optimize Food Service Workflows


Redirect calls from voice sessions to Conversational Chat sessions for a more efficient experience.

Route chat customers to the correct answer quickly, including directing them to relevant information on your website.

Retain Food Service Customers with Seamless Customer Service


Connect customers online with a virtual agent and provide live support when needed.

Enhance the customer experience by automating online interactions and coordinating with human employees in-store or elsewhere.

Authentication & Anti-Fraud 

Protect your customers data with secure interactions

As the food service industry continues to adapt to the growing demand for omnichannel access, providers must ensure both customer ease of use and the protection of sensitive information to prevent potential fraud.

Omilia’s Authentication and Anti-Fraud solution streamlines verification and eliminates the risk of fraudulent attacks. Our advanced technology enables home delivery customers to quickly and easily authenticate their identity using voice biometrics without the frustration of remembering passwords or answering security questions.

By reducing the need for manual authentication, Omilia provides a seamless customer experience and helps food service providers save time and lower costs.

Reduce Food Service Staff Costs and Shrink AHT (Average Handling Time)

Voice biometrics identity and verification allows for quick identification and authentication of customers, saving up to 40 seconds per call.

AI technology can deflect more customer calls away from staff members, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Leave Simple
Biometrics Behind

Maintain a list of known fraudsters for reference in future calls.

Analyze and inspect phone numbers to determine their authenticity.

Receive alerts if a customer calls too frequently or attempts to access multiple accounts.

Easy, Opt-In
Customer Enrollment

Use natural language for identification instead of passwords, reducing customer frustration and time.

Sample the customer’s voice while speaking to an agent or in an IVA (Intelligent Virtual Agent).

Encourage customer participation and faster service through a straightforward opt-in process.

Learn How Omilia Can Help Food Service Operators Streamline Operations and Boost Sales