Gartner Report: Making Sense of the Chatbot and Conversational AI Platform Market

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According to Gartner,

“The (Conversational AI Platform) market is extremely diverse, both in vendor strategies and in what needs of the enterprise the vendor targets. In a market where nobody is vastly ahead of the pack, selecting the best fit for current and short-/midterm needs becomes essential for success.”

Making Sense of the Chatbot and Conversational AI Platform Market

As per the report, ”Conversational AI platforms are the foundational technology for development of chatbots and VAs. The market is large, diverse and changing rapidly. Application leaders need tools to segment and evaluate the market in order to make better decisions on adoption, investments and competence building."

“As an application leader looking at how CAIPs are evolving, you should:

• Limit your selection of vendors to the vendors able to deliver the required level of sophistication needed over the next two years to ensure success and ROI, using Gartner’s sophistication continuum.
• Use the seven high-level categories that determine the major differentiators in the market to further limit the selection down to vendors that fit your enterprise needs.
• Ensure that vendors have robust support for target languages by mapping their natural language processing (NLP) capabilities for those languages to your solution criteria."

As per the Gartner report, “Tools assist in mitigating the complexity of designing, developing and maintaining solutions. As solution requirements become more demanding, the importance of strong tools increases."

Read the full report, and we believe it might help you select your best fit Conversational AI vendor for your specific use case.

Gartner, Making Sense of the Chatbot and Conversational AI Platform Market, 26 November 2020

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