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Evolving IVRs to Conversational Platforms - Critical Leadership Issues

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“By 2025, 30% of major enterprises will have selected a single, enterprisewide, conversational platform that is leveraged as a front end by business applications, both for customer service and to improve employee effectiveness.”

Evolving IVRs to Conversational Platforms – Critical Leadership Issues

According to Gartner, “Advances in natural language technologies are dramatically improving the options for building conversational solutions such as virtual customer assistants or virtual personal assistants. As conversationally enabled applications to become more common, maintaining separate IVR and conversational platform operations may not be the best approach. Redundant investments may not be cost-effective and may result in suboptimal customer, employee, and other user experiences. Additionally, as service and channel expectations evolve, the traditional distinction between voice and text operations may not be sustainable.”

This Report addresses the business and leadership issues that IT application leaders must understand to define conversational artificial intelligence (AI) platform strategy and solutions.

We believe, in this report, you’ll learn:

• How will the Project, Which Straddles Important Existing Operations, Be Directed?
• Which Customer Journeys Should Be Created or Redesigned?
• What Are the Business Priorities When Making Migration Decisions?

The Report includes a Case Study of the Conversational Platform Project of the Royal Bank of Canada explaining how Canada’s largest bank migrated to a conversational Platform. Results were increased successful completion rates, increased call capacity, decreased call handling time, increased client satisfaction and added client services.

Source: Evolving IVRs to Conversational Platforms - Critical Leadership Issues

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