Generative AI for Enterprise Customer Service Excellence

Step into the future of customer service with Large Language Models

Omilia is revolutionizing the way enterprises serve their customers with the power of Generative AI to bring the human touch back to automated interactions, delivering exceptional customer and employee experiences.

With our proprietary Large Language Model (LLM) we are placing AI at the heart of our solutions to transform call center automation.

Elevating the Customer Experience

Bringing Back the Human Touch

We are putting the human element back into automated interactions. Our LLM provides human-like, empathetic and contextually relevant responses to customer queries so you can provide a truly personalized service, fulfill your customers’ needs and increase call center containment. Our Conversational AI platform actively learns from real-time human interactions, providing insights that inform application development. 

Knowledge Base Assist

You can quickly answer customer questions directly from your knowledge base, without taking up agent time. Simply drop your unstructured information, website content, FAQ’s and more and our AI assistant will summarize it into easy to consume articles for your Conversational AI applications.


We have enhanced our miniApps with generative AI to improve their understanding of the context of customer conversations and to provide even better responses. New miniApps+ continually learn and adapt with every interaction and elevate customer conversations to mirror human levels of intelligence.

Accelerating AI Implementation

Delivering Business Outcomes

We use our LLM to significantly reduce the time and effort spent on designing and implementing applications. We automate the most tedious and complicated development tasks to accelerate application testing, model development, and dialogue creation, so you can build Conversational AI applications in minutes.

Journey Mapper 

Build conversational AI experiences in seconds. Simply upload customer service FAQs, API specifications or other unstructured content and Journey Mapper will identify your core services and what customers could call you about. Then, at the click of a button, it creates a conversational AI assistant to address those customer enquiries.

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Testing Studio+

Testing Studio+ is a single place where development teams and business users can validate your applications. It uses Generative AI to simulate comprehensive voice and text conversational scenarios, making it seamless to test and validate how different personas and locales will react. This removes some of the most tedious development tasks and accelerates testing.

Engaging the Employee Experience

Elevating the Role of the Agent

We support your agents in their day-to-day tasks with Agent Assist, providing them with real-time contextual information, answers, and guidance to help them provide “superhuman” customer service.


We elevate the role of human agents to become AI coaches, able to monitor calls in real-time, intervene in problematic situations, offer guidance and resolutions, whilst continuously training the AI to improve.

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