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Slide background Redefining customer care across numerous sectors

Mobile Network Operators & Telcos

No queues, no menu trees… just service

Is it possible to cut costs and at the same time greatly enhance customer experience? Omilia’s NLU can totally eliminate agent-to-agent transfers from day one and gradually build up to 70% automation, and in this way lead to up to 50% increase in customer satisfaction. Our integrated customer satisfaction surveys (NPS scores and free-form feedback with Omilia’s signature Open-Question technology) can measure your results in real time and with a combination of Big Data and advanced Speech Analytics, illuminating even the darkest corners of customer experience problems.


Voice Banking reinvented

The banking sector is now officially facing the biggest restructuring ever. Banks are consolidating their retail presence, and are merging with each other just to keep afloat. Now is the time when NLU proves to be of most the value. Voice is the least expensive and most accessible customer service channel, providing immediate service to all those clients that are no longer near to branch offices. Omilia can provide a new level of security with Voice Biometrics, smoothing out the customer experience and decreasing the Average Handling time by up to 40%. We can increase automation rates by up to 50% and you can monitor your advances in real-time with out integrated real-time Reporting and advanced Speech Analytics.


Customer Care without the wait

Step by step resolution of first level tech problems is now a reality for Omilia’s customers. ISPs are plagued with slow and unresponsive voice customer care, since a very high percentage of calls pertain to connectivity and technical issues.

Our voice portal incorporates functions that resolve the issue, like setting up scheduled call back service, or even step-by-step automatic troubleshooting, where the client receives instructions to perform simple troubleshooting tasks, while at the same time our platform performs behind the scenes maintenance (line test, remote reset, etc) and takes simple actions to resolve the bulk of customer problems.


Sorting out the chaos has never been so easy

Calls can be classified to more than 500 types, without the need for menu hoping and DTMF wheel of fortune navigation. Billing information, meter reading registration, getting connected to an unimaginable number of different departments and reporting problems of various natures can lead to a monstrous menu tree where customers get trapped like flies in a spiders web! With Task Completion rates of more than 85%, Omilia’s NLU not only classifies user requests into hundreds of distinct categories, but it also successfully serves them end-to-end.

Insurance Companies

Speed is everything

How does your client perceive your company when he is faced with endless queues just to get simple information? Are your customers spending minutes on-hold just to get quoted a price, or just to get information about their claim? Well, this is now a thing of the past… Omilia’s NLU can transform your client service portal and make information available to your clients in just seconds.

Ticketing Applications

Buying tickets should be fun

Don’t spoil your clients experience by putting them on-hold just to get their tickets. Omilia has managed to get up to 90% automation in ticketing applications… and that is not the best part! We have virtually eliminated queues, and payment by credit card has never been easier. Natural Language Understanding means that clients can change their mind midway through the process, change dates, times and destinations, just like they were talking to a human operator.

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