At Omilia we are committed to providing exceptional customer services and solutions that respect and abide by the principles of the implemented privacy and security policies per region, per country, and per client’s needs.

Nowadays each individual is more connected with different kinds of external parties than ever before. Every single minute of the day, smartphones, fitness wearables and monitors, even IVRs with NLP capabilities and unprecedented processing power collect and process personal data. That might include geographical and biometric data or the frequency and timing of interactions with the device. 

Omilia’s innovative AI solutions also heavily utilize personal data in legitimate and useful practices for those who need to enjoy the benefits of its unparalleled NLU services. We realize the importance of it and we put our greatest efforts to ensure the security and protection of the data we have access and process. As Omilia is growing in this market field, we eyewitness the customer’s transformation to more educated individuals, becoming more aware of the type of information that is being collected and expressing their discomfort for this fact in a number of ways, resulting in more public justifiable concerns about online privacy.

Our company has taken numerous initiatives in the past to ease customer concerns about online privacy. We have a solid framework and practices, not only to protect customer’s online data, but to provide also full transparency and clear information about what kind of  PII  is being collected and how PII  is processed, stored, maintained, managed, and otherwise used. With this respect, Omilia introduces one more, under the leadership and strategic guidance of its CISO, Mr. Panagiotis Kalantzis, with a project to become an early adopter of the recently published ISO/IEC 29184 – Online Privacy Notices and Consent international standard.

Mr. Panagiotis Kalantzis, Omilia’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Data Privacy Officer (DPO) has been recently honored to becoming an early adopter of the new Information Systems Audit and Control Association’s (ISACA) Certified Data Privacy Solution Engineer (CDPSE) certification scheme.

The CDPSE certification scheme, as the first experience-based, technical certification worldwide, demonstrates Panagiotis’ professional ability to ensure that technical solutions abide by privacy by design principles and enable Omilia to enhance privacy controls in its products and services to provide benefit to customers, build trust and advance data privacy

The new ISO/IEC 29184 standard, developed jointly by  ISO and the  IEC’s committee on information security,  cybersecurity, and privacy protection provides details on the implementation of privacy principles from ISO/IEC 29100. Specifically,  it addresses consent and choice (Principle 1), and openness, transparency, and notice (Principle 7), helping bring further, and much needed, clarity, and reassurance.