October 28-30, 2024
Hyatt Regency Crystal City | Arlington, VA

Join Omilia at Voice
and AI 2024

The Leading Conference at the Intersection of Conversational and Generative AI

Oct 28-30, 2024 

Hyatt Regency Crystal City  | Arlington, VA

Join Omilia at Voice
and AI 202

The Leading Conference at the Intersection of Conversational and Generative AI

Why attend?

Get insights on the latest advancements in conversation design, the dynamic world of conversational AI, machine learning, LLMs, data training, and prompt engineering.
Watch a live demo of Omilia Conversational AI Voice and Chat solution to experience first-hand what effective customer service automation looks like.

Talk to our experts about your Customer Service challenges, and get solutions to help you deliver on your CX strategy

Experience how Omilia leverages generative AI to supercharge its Conversational AI platform. Discover how LLMs accelerate deployment timelines, allowing businesses to unleash the potential of AI-powered conversations faster than ever before.

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    Take a glimpse into our

    Take a glimpse into our

    A Recipe for Success: Conversational AI in Quick Serve Restaurants

    Shai Zorea

    Digital Contacts Solution Consultant Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers

    Shai Zorea is a Director in PwC’s Enterprise Strategy and Value practice with over 20 years of experience in strategy and management consulting within the Financial Services and Consumer industries. He has extensive experience in large scale technology program management initiatives with a focus on contact center strategy, enterprise contact center solution implementation, digital value creation, contact center operations and automation.

    Quinn Agen

    VP of Business Development

    Quinn Agen is responsible for growth at Omilia and was part of the journey in evolving the company from a small team in Greece to a large-scale global operation with a Virtual Assistant platform that has supported over a billion customer care interactions in natural language in more than 15 countries. Quinn heads the Omilia sales organization and works directly with large enterprises in identifying new customer needs and developing comprehensive virtual assistants that focus on ROI and operational savings.

    • We reveal how Conversational AI is being successfully deployed in Drive Thru restaurants to automate food ordering.

      It sounds easy in the Gen AI era, but we’ll share the real challenges when implementing AI in QSR drive-thrus. You have to accurately understand diverse accents, deal with background noise and countless other complexities, whilst still delivering quick service, even in peak times and increasing order values.

      We’ll give you the recipe and ingredients to avoid becoming another failed ordering attempt video on YouTube.

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    Contact Centers, Customer Service Management

    Mastering Conversational Design with Generative AI

    Chris Adomaitis

    Director, Pre-Sales, Global

    Chris Adomaitis is the Director and Solutions Architect for North America at Omilia, a global conversational intelligence company that provides AI solutions to organizations worldwide. Chris has significant experience in all aspects of customer contact centers, from technology implementation to customer experience optimization, giving him unique insights into the customer journey that drives decisions about contact center technology implementation in global markets. He began his career working for an international BPO, where he advanced to an executive role by adapting customer service technology to meet hundreds of different use cases.

    In subsequent roles at Adapt Telephony Services and Serenova, Chris led global technical sales efforts across multiple markets and countries. At Omilia, Chris leads the Solution Consultancy group, worldwide.

    • In this session, we’ll showcase with live examples how Omilia uses Generative AI and Large Language Models to reduce the design and implementation time when building conversational AI applications. We’ll also reveal how we’re transforming the customer experience and increasing fulfillment rates in contact centers using these innovative technologies to automate interactions with human-like AI solutions.

    • NLU Enhancement
    • Error Handling
    • Application Testing
    • Customer Experience (CX) Optimization