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Omilia is a Platinum Sponsor at Enterprise Connect 2023. Meet us at booth #2219 and let’s discuss how you can achieve enhanced levels of Customer Care Fulfillment Success with Omilia’s AI-based Voice & Chat Automation solution.

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Break the Glass Ceiling
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Learn how to tackle the challenge of Customer Service Containment through voice and chat automation. We’ll share with you how to:

Create self-service experiences that customers love

Accelerate Authentication and Secure Voice Service with Biometrics

Unlock real ROI from Conversational AI implementation
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Learn about Omilia Cloud Platform capabilities, including CX automation, Voice Biometrics Authentication, Hyper-tuned Speech-to-Text &
Text-to-Speech, and Optimised Dialog Management.

Take a glimpse into our
sessions at Enterprise Connect 2023

Take a glimpse into our
sessions at EC23!

Session 1

Conversational AI Roundtable: Case Studies of Transforming CX Fulfillment

This is a roundtable session of case studies using Conversational AI to transform customer experience fulfillment, featuring two large enterprise customers of Omilia.

With one customer in financial services and the other in logistics, this will be an insightful and engaging discussion that showcases how these companies have leveraged Omilia’s conversational AI solutions to automate their call centers and improve their customer experience.

The session will provide an overview of Omilia’s conversational AI platform and how it has helped these companies automate their customer service operations. Call Center technology leads from the two enterprise customers, will share their experiences and insights on how they have used Omilia’s platform to transform their customer service operations.

The discussion will cover the challenges and benefits of implementing conversational AI in call center operations, with both customers sharing their experiences and insights on the topic. 

This roundtable session is a great opportunity for attendees to learn from real-world examples of how Conversational AI can be used to transform call center operations and improve customer experience in the financial services and logistics sectors.

Session 2

Delighting Customers with CAI Contact Center Transformation

Shai Zorea

Digital Contacts Solution Consultant Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Shai Zorea is a Director in PwC’s Enterprise Strategy and Value practice with over 20 years of experience in strategy and management consulting within the Financial Services and Consumer industries.

He has extensive experience in large scale technology program management initiatives with a focus on contact center strategy, enterprise contact center solution implementation, digital value creation, contact center operations and automation.

Dominic Pasta

Head of Contact Center Technology, AON

Dominic Pasta leads Aon’s Contact Center Technology for the Americas. He has over 10 years experience deploying and transforming large scale global contact center technology platforms and transformations across various industries. He has extensive experience helping leverage technology to meet business objectives and strategy, with primary focuses on digital transformation, process automation, self-service optimization, value generation, and enhanced client experiences.

An analyst-chaired roundtable case study discussion that showcases the benefits of modernizing contact centers through the use of AI-driven technologies. AON, a leading global insurance group specializing in risk, retirement and health solutions, was looking to improve its customer experience and increase operational efficiency. To achieve these goals, AON partnered with Omilia, a leading provider of conversational AI solutions, and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to transform the customer experience for AON.

AON was facing challenges in delivering a seamless customer experience through their contact centers. The company was relying on outdated technology and lacked the ability to provide real-time customer insights and personalized interactions.

To address these challenges, Omilia and PwC partnered to provide AON with a complete contact center transformation. The solution included Omilia’s AI-powered conversational platform and PwC’s expertise in customer experience design and change management. The solution was integrated with AON’s existing systems and processes to provide customers with a seamless experience.

Omilia and PwC’s partnership with AON demonstrates the importance of investing in contact center transformation. By leveraging Omilia’s AI-powered platform and PwC’s expertise in customer experience design and change management, AON was able to improve the customer experience, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. This case study highlights the benefits of investing in technology and change management to drive business success.

Overall, the partnership between AON and Omilia resulted in a successful contact center transformation that delivered tangible business results. AON was able to improve its customer experience, increase operational efficiency, and reduce costs, all while providing its customers with a personalized and seamless experience.

Meet us at booth #2219


Watch a live demo of Omilia Conversational AI Voice and Chat solution to experience first-hand what efficient automation looks like.


Talk to our experts about your Customer Service pain points, and get the industry’s best practices and suggestions for an efficient automated CX strategy.


Engage in honest sidebar conversations to gain real peer insights and learn about Omilia’s case studies and references in your industry.

About Omilia


Omilia is a pioneer in Natural Language Understanding and Machine Learning, delivering the highest quality automated voice solutions for Contact Centers. Omilia owns and delivers state-of-the-art technology in Conversational AI, enabling clients to improve their CX, shorten response times and reduce costs. The Omilia Cloud offering allows businesses to effortlessly identify, authenticate, and serve customers with ready-to-go integrations, across any channel, by pre-built solutions.

A true product leader, Omilia delivers unprecedented voice-recognition accuracy, and the market acknowledgment for it is growing: Omilia was recognized as a Leader in the Gartner 2022 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Conversational AI Platforms and the Worldwide Conversational AI Software Platforms for Customer Service 2021 by IDC.