Omilia had the pleasure to present some of the latest Natural Language Understanding advances in the frame of the 1st PyData Piraeus Meetup on Sep 27, 2019.

Dr. Themos Stafylakis, Head of Machine Learning and Voice Biometrics at Omilia, led the hour-long presentation with a concise summary of the company’s activities, focusing on its diverse portfolio, market-leading achievements and innovative spirit. Under his supervision, Michael Kottas, Elisavet Palogiannidi and George Mastrapas introduced the audience to the exciting and constantly growing NLU world; starting with an overview of the related Python tools, continuing with a demonstration of the state-of-the-art text classification performance that comes with the smart utilization of dialogue context, and finishing with the semantic relation parser; an advanced neural network architecture designed to tackle increased linguistic complexities.

Omilia speakers had the chance to interact with about 100 people that attended the Meetup, answering their admittedly interesting questions regarding the latest NLU technological advancements as well as the future challenges.

We would also like to thank the Meetup organizers and especially Vladimir Iurcovschi for providing us with this opportunity to disseminate our passion for NLU to the aspiring Python and data science practitioners, as well as the Found.ation for hosting this event.