As part of our three day training event held in Athens in early 2018 we asked our partners to comment on our updated Omilia speech technology development tools and to give their thoughts on the future of assistant speech technologies. Below in no particular order are the videos! A big thank you again to all our partners that made the trip to Athens and made the event such a great success, we hope to see you all in Athens again soon! For more information on the new Omilia speech development tools, feel free to contact us!

Richard Stewart, Business Development Manager at DisruptCX

Richard discusses the new Omilia Conversation Studio development tools, creating personalised customer journeys across channels and the future of conversational interfaces.

Graham Allen, Director of Product Management at Nice InContact

Graham discusses the new development tools in Omilia’s Conversation Studio and how conversational technology will augment mobile and touch at both the consumer and corporate level.

Guillaume Voisine, Software Developer at NuEcho

Guillaume discusses the evolution of conversational interfaces in relation to legacy directed dialogue systems.

Barac Sanini, Speech Developer at Speechsoft

Barac discusses Omilia’s new Conversation Studio tools and how they make a developers life much easier with their approach to ASR and NLU rules.

Albert Garipov & Yaroslav Zemlyanukhin, CTI Moscow

Albert and Yaroslav how Omilia’s speech technology will help them create exciting new products for CTI in Russia.

Guram Tulenov, Team Leader at KCell

Guram discusses creating voice assistants with Omilia speech technology and the great results they have seen in service levels in comparison to legacy DTMF systems.

Ivan Koval, Alfa Bank Ukraine

Ivan discusses the results Alfa Bank has seen in reducing call center and operator overheads and their plans for integrating Omilia chatbots and holograms in the near future.

Martin Brisebois, Speech Scientist at NuEcho

Martin discusses the new Omilia toolset and the ability to build semantic and syntax rules and the separation of NLU and ASR rules.

Klaudiusz Luska, Solutions Architect at DisruptCX

Klaudiusz discusses the ability to create end to end processes in the new Omilia Conversation Studio toolset.

Michal Mazurek, Pre-Sales and Development at Andra

Michal discusses Omilia’s NLU technology and how it will enable Andra to enhance client applications on their own using the Omilia Conversation Studio tools.

Danil Kotelnikov from Evotech

Danil discusses the partnership between Evotech and Omilia and his views on the what the future holds for strengthening and extending the partnership still further!

Valentin Yaroshinsky from NovaIT

Valentin gives his thoughts the new Omilia Conversation Studio and how it will help improve results for NovaIT clients.