Omilia uses its award winning DiaManT® platform to deliver conversational transformation to contact centers across geographies and across languages. DiaManT® has the ability to utilize sector specific ontological models in order to provide out-of-the-box recognition and understanding of all key domain concepts in any language (for example US English banking or UK English Telecoms). When Omilia’s Virtual Assistant software is active in a contact centre in any given industry, Call Routing and Conversational Self Service become simplified and user friendly, while IT support and development efforts can be reduced by up to 80%, not only accelerating the delivery of quality customer interactions but also keeping costs at bay, and securing tangible ROI.


With Omilia’s omni-channel virtual assistant platform IT support and development can be reduced by up to 80% securing tangible ROI.

Proven Real World Results

Reduction of
Operating Costs


Natural Language Understanding with deepNLU®



In essence NLU is the ability to understand complex sentences of human speech in the same way human brains have for millennia. Human conversation is full of imperfections consisting of slang, multi-string words, abbreviations, fragments, and mispronunciations – real human conversation is never perfect.

NLU is not, and should not be confused with, keyword recognition, which is best known for the infamous “say ‘sales’ for sales” type IVR interaction that has managed to become notorious for its shortcomings. “Call Steering” and “Call Categorization” are things of the past!

deepNLU® means truly understanding free, unstructured speech. It means understanding underlying concepts and putting them into perspective of the dialogue context, and then being able to drive a real conversation with the customer. That is what DiaManT® does – your customer just talks – we listen – and understand.

deepNLU® means truly understanding free, unstructured speech

Proven Real World Results


Breakthrough Automatic Speech Recognition Technology with deepASR®

Having the ability to truly understand customers is a game-changer. However, before you can understand you must first listen! For an ASR engine to “work most of the time” simply does not cut it. Callers will quickly feel insecure and will not trust the system. The shortcomings of currently available commercial ASR technology for contact centers are disappointing consumers and organizations on a daily basis. Since many legacy ASR providers offer sub-par speech-to-text  solutions at ridiculously high prices, developing a proprietary ASR engine was the key to bringing bottom line value to our client’s operations.

This is why we specifically designed and developed our deepASR® technology to perform Natural Language Recognition with custom training on the exact sound quality and language (incl. slang & mixed languages) spoken by the actual customers reaching each particular enterprise’s call center. deepASR® achieves unprecedented accuracy in language recognition at near zero error margins. Now you can have the confidence that your customers will have a fantastic experience every time they call!

deepASR® achieves unprecedented accuracy in language recognition at near zero error margins

Proven Real World Results

Word error rate of
just 5.6%


Dialogue Management with DiaManT®

Great ASR and NLU technology does not guarantee that your NLU solution will have reliable results. To make a comparison, humans are born with perfect ears, but we don’t understand anything until our brain is trained to understand and interact.

Think of the ASR as your set of ears. Great ears need to be paired with a great brain, so that words have meaning in the given context and lead to a meaningful conversation.

Our DiaManT® Dialog Management platform can manage totally unstructured dialogs, allowing callers to use unrestricted Natural Language at any stage of the conversation. It adapts dynamically to the caller’s response, planning the dialog ahead in an optimal way. And all this intelligence is built into the platform. As an application developer you don’t have to worry about the call-flow.

DiaManT® manages totally unstructured dialog, allowing callers to use unrestricted Natural Language at any stage of the conversation

Proven Real World Results

Task Completion

A No Stress integration with your current Contact Centre Infrastructure

Every contact centre IT environment is different, with its own customizations and subsystems, which tends to lead to a labyrinth of inter-connections that can be difficult to work with for even the most experienced teams. Getting different systems to seamlessly work together can become even more complex and projects can take much longer than expected when new technologies that utilize VoiceXML, IP telephony, and MRCP are added to the IVR system.

The good news is that our delivery team, through a cumulative experience of more than 20 years, has seen it all!

We have successfully worked with most types of IVR, PBX, and CTI in the market, and will actively take the lead and coordinate efforts to “just make things work”. In fact, we have developed innovative man-in-the-middle technology specifically for solving “inexplicable” incompatibilities between 3rd party systems that can risk bringing a project to a stand-still. DiaManT® is already compatible with a wide range of popular contact center software and software vendors, including Genesys, Avaya, Cisco, Aspect & Interactive Intelligence, among others.

DiaManT® is already compatible with a wide range of popular contact center software and software vendors, including Genesys, Avaya, Cisco, Aspect & Interactive Intelligence

Omni-Channel NLU Self-Service – A continuous user experience across all channels

By deploying DiaManT® across all contact channels, clients can have one seamless and continuous communication experience with your brand. Omilia works perfectly to drive dialogue with customers through Call Centers, Mobile Applications, Web Chat Environments, SMS and Email. DiaManT® excels in deriving meaning in order to converse with customers in a natural human-like way, through both voice and text based mediums.

Real Time Speech Analytics – Customer Service gets Big Data!

Imagine the insight you could gain from a deep analysis of all your customers conversations. Besides an improved customer service, for the first time ever, Marketing Departments and Client Service can get their hands on such business intelligence. Omilia distils meaning from customer interactions, and all data generated from these conversations becomes readily available as digitized material. We provide our clients with a powerful analytic engine that uses big data to automatically generate intuitive and insightful reports about their customers views and behaviour. See problems and new developments at the moment they are occurring; and most importantly be able to act in real time!

Adaptive Maintenance for any Sector in any Language

Your company is always changing, and so are your products. But, are your customers using the vocabulary you think they are? DiaManT® is a holistic platform, not just voiceXML. This allows us to add and implement changes to the system, on the go, in a matter of hours. Omilia’s dedicated team of linguists will not only add new concepts, rules and functionalities to the platform, but also take the proper steps to train, re-train and then train again, for maximum results.

With Omilia Outbound Calls will never be the same again

Omilia’s outbound calling engine will change the way you think about Outbound customer communication campaigns. By simply connecting with your CRM, DiaManT® drives conversation and performs complex tasks, all based on existing and newly generated information. When compared to the cost of a human agent to perform such outbound campaigns, our cost is just a fraction of the cost, and in many cases the systems effectiveness even surpasses human results. Now you can take a more proactive approach with your customers, for less.

Don’t just take our word for it, schedule a demonstration to experience our true omni-channel platform in practice and get ready to transform your customer care!