Authenticate customers via their unique biometric voice-print, in the background as they speak freely with the Virtual Agent.

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Passive IVR-side Voice Biometrics

Customers speak freely in a natural language conversation with DiaManT® while deepVB® uses
biometric voice-print features to authenticate customers in the background as they speak

Caller Authenticates 
Inside IVR

No Need for a 
Special Passphrase

No Need for 
Active Authentication


Integrates Voice 
Biometrics + Security Questions

deepVB® Workflow

DiaManT® NLU applications mix traditional
security questions into the Conversational
Voice User Interface design of the Virtual

deepVB® allows customers to skip answering
traditional security questions if there is a
sufficient confidence score of the Voiceprint

How deepVB® Works

User authentication is performed in real-time in the background via the scoring of the
speakers voice-print match, from first dialog step, and during every step until hang-up.

Upon a user starting a call with DiaManT®…


deepASR® samples the speaker’s voice, and if there is enough audio sample,
computes the speaker’s voiceprint in real time.


DiaManT® compares the speaker’s current voiceprint with the verified voiceprint
stored in the database.


The comparison produces a verification result in the form of a “bioSV
Confidence Score”.


bioSV Confidence Score is used by DiaManT® to drive the conversation with the
customer according to the business logic; deliver self-service, transfer to live agent,
or ask additional traditional security questions.

Key Benefits

Businesses Reduce Agent Costs!

  • Maximize Pre-Authenticated Users inside the IVR before live agent transfer
  • Minimize Live-Agent-Talk-Time for User Authentication
  • Built into the deepASR® engine — No separate infrastructure needed
  • Tracking and Alerts of known Fraudsters with Blacklists
  • Always up-to-date by using new authenticated customer audios to update existing voiceprints
  • Customized authentication business logic for different scenarios

Complete transparency means business administrators can view the BioSV Confidence level in real time via the OmDRTviewer®

Customers Get serviced faster!

  • Easier Customer Experience with no traditional security questions — Just get serviced
  • Streamlined and seamless authentication process
  • No need to remember a passphrase
  • No need to say same information every time


Our proven Omni-Channel technology is aimed at: 

Large Corporations (200+ agents / 4+ million calls per year), Integrators & Contact Center Service Providers. 

If you represent a relevant business and would like to arrange a demonstration of our technology and learn how it can transform your customer care, fill out our form and we will get in contact with you to get the ball rolling.