Advanced Analytics Tools Dramatically
Improve Customer Satisfaction

Omilia Conversational Insights’ Dashboards and Monitoring/Insights
Tool Provide Detailed Call Center Analytics to Fine-Tune Your Omilia Applications

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Analyze and Refine Omilia Cloud Platform Application Performance in Real-Time

Omilia Conversational Voice, Conversational Chat, and Authentication & Anti-fraud’s behavior has a significant impact on your customer contact center’s performance. These applications interact with your customers daily and require monitoring and refining to ensure they’re helping meet your business and customer support goals.

Your application creators and administrators need a detailed analysis of each user’s interaction using powerful, user-friendly customer service analytics tools.

Introducing Omilia Conversational Insights. Advanced analytics for OCP applications.


Conversational Insights’ rich, graphical dashboards help you identify
how your applications perform and highlight improvement areas.

Task Reports

Allows CX analysts to identify possible areas of improvement on any step of the conversation with the IVA.

Self Service

Determine if key conversation milestones are successfully engaging customers and delivering answers.


Track when an application has met its key goal of totally fulfilling a user’s request, and not requiring handoff to a human agent.


Aggregate and segment session statistics across OCP applications to better understand OCP traffic generated by your customers.


Analyze user utterances on a daily basis, showing which Intents are more frequent, trending, and what utterances trigger them most.

Customer Metrics

Dashboard that shows basic metrics on dialogs, using custom-defined attributes.

Monitoring Tool

This gateway provides a fully transparent
view of the human-system dialogs within
Omilia Cloud Platform, review them in real-time, and tune
system performance.

Metrics API

Determine if applications are performing normally based on the latest aggregated information.

Export API

Access raw Call Detail Records and integrate them into your data pipelines to create your visualizations.

Custom Reports

Omilia-developed reports are provided to customers through Omilia.

Learn How Omilia Conversational Insights Can Dramatically Improve Customer Satisfaction