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Conversation Studio®

Build brand-unique natural language applications for customer care with highly engaging user experiences and human-like conversational interactions. Conversation Studio enables developers to build, connect and manage intelligent bots and virtual agents.

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The power to develop

With Conversation Studio® you can create, manage and edit conversational scenarios within minutes, and build advanced dialogs to manage the conversation flow with customers.

Pre-packed Knowledge

Leverage and build on top of Omilia’s xPert Packs®

Define Dictionaries

omChat is a DiaManT® Edit and organize lists of concepts

Design System Actions

Map user intents into actions: Self-Service, Transfer, Disambiguate, or Re-ask

Define Intents

Intents are created by combining different annotations — “What the user wants”

Conversation Studio®

Create and manage the semantic interpretation models and ontologies that will drive your application’s natural language understanding.

Define Concept Dictionaries

Organize lists of Concepts into Dictionaries. Each Dictionary is an Annotation. The Dictionaries group concepts of the same kind. You can create different combinations of Annotations to cover more complex cases of customer input.



Meta Actions

Index Cards

Define Intents

Intents are implemented by combining Annotations. You can apply Intent selection criteria based on annotation features. One Intent can be implemented by various “Criteria Blocks”.

Now you're in control

Build, test, and deploy your virtual agent directly from the deepNLUStudio®. Once published, your application will process voice or text input in a conversational UI with your end-users.


Our proven Omni-Channel technology is aimed at: 

Large Corporations (200+ agents / 4+ million calls per year), Integrators & Contact Center Service Providers. 

If you represent a relevant business and would like to arrange a demonstration of our technology and learn how it can transform your customer care, fill out our form and we will get in contact with you to get the ball rolling.

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