Omilia Announces Launch of Agent Assist

Omilia Announces Launch of Agent Assist

Boost Productivity and Service Quality with Real-Time AI-Assisted Agent Support

Athens, 8 November 2023Omilia, a market leader in enterprise Conversational Artificial Intelligence (CAI), announced today the launch of Agent Assist, a groundbreaking product that revolutionizes customer service and support. Agent Assist empowers call center agents with personalized coaching and contextually relevant real-time assistance, ensuring they can fulfill customer requests quickly and seamlessly, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction. 

As customer expectations continue to evolve, businesses need innovative solutions to stay competitive. Omilia’s Agent Assist is the answer, using generative AI to provide agents with their very own intelligent virtual assistant that advises and guides them based on caller interests and specific issues. This cutting-edge technology enables agents to focus on delivering timely and personalized service while delegating time-consuming and repetitive tasks to AI.

Omilia’s Agent Assist moves enterprises closer to an AI-first call center, where agents are empowered to drive better outcomes, extracting the highest value from every interaction.

Key Benefits of Agent Assist:

  1. 1. Automate more: Reduce costs per call by successfully automating more tasks, combining supervised and unsupervised AI.

2. Meet KPIs: Decrease handling time, improve customer satisfaction, and improve cost efficiency. Maximize agent utilization and deflect repetitive calls.

3. Reduce fraud risk: Enhance security by enabling agents with anti-fraud tools, including voice biometrics and real-time fraud detection.

Key Features of Agent Assist:

  • Action suggestion and script adherence: Ensure agents know what to do next and maintain script adherence.
  • Real-time sentiment analysis: Analyze conversations and provide real-time guidance for better engagement with customers.
  • Call transcription and summarization: Summarize calls in real-time and store the entire context for analysis and accessibility.

Agent Assist knowledge base: Real-time content pushing to the agent desktop.

Omilia’s Agent Assist sets a new standard for customer service excellence and agent empowerment. 

Omilia Co-founder and CEO, Dimitris Vassos stated, “Agent Assist is a game-changer for the customer service industry. By combining AI-driven technology with the expertise of call center agents, we are taking customer support to new heights, ensuring a seamless and efficient customer experience.”

Agent Assist enables efficient monitoring, coaching, and performance improvement for agents, ensuring the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.