Alpha Bank

Omilia completely re-engineered Alpha Bank’s voice customer care portal to become one of Europe’s first full Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) powered Speech Portals, making customer experience safer, faster, and more streamlined than ever.

Alpha Bank’s customers reaching the Call Centre no longer have to press keys to navigate through the Interactive Voice Response menu or wait in queue. Instead, they engage in dialog with the virtual agent using free, unstructured speech as a response to the NLU trademark question “How may I help you?”. Customers get immediate access to information, are self-serviced or get directly routed to the proper agent group, in an unprecedentedly smooth customer experience. Alpha Bank’s new NLU customer care portal is utilizing state of the art ASR & NLU technology from Omilia including the DiaManT Dialogue Manager v7 and omASR v2 that work together to produce previously thought impossible results, such as for example 96% accuracy in understanding the meaning of customer requests and 98% accuracy in recognizing account numbers.

The Manager of Alternative Networks Division of Alpha Bank, Mr. Sotiris Kyriakos, commented on the new customer service technology: “The cooperation with Omilia for the use of a Natural Language portal aligns with our commitment to offering top level customer experience. Through the “New Generation Natural Language Understanding Customer Care Portal”, our Clients will save time by finding the information they are interested in quickly and with accuracy, or by getting directly routed to the proper agent group, without delays.”