How Utilities Use Voice Biometrics To Improve Security And Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Read how voice biometrics is helping utilities to automate security verification and keep accounts safe without requiring customers to answer frustrating security questions.

The utility sector faces unprecedented challenges, from severe weather events causing unexpected outages and increasing operating costs to managing aging infrastructure. As a result, utility companies are under immense pressure to maintain their operations and provide reliable service.


A critical aspect of their service is verifying a customer’s identity, but this process can often be frustrating, especially when customers are contacting customer service to resolve an issue.

 In this eBook, we cover:

The conflict of choosing between security and convenience

How to maintain a secure customer experience that is also virtually frictionless, to keep your customers happy

What is Voice Biometrics

How Voice Biometrics can increase security and decrease aggravation

A real-world case study of Voice Biometrics implementation

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