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Omilia Cloud Platform

Building flexible solutions by leveraging Microsoft Azure

Omni-Channel Dialog Management Platform

Omilia Cloud Platform (“OCP”) is a cloud service for providing the complete Omni-channel Conversational Virtual Assistant Solution from the cloud.

• 24×7 NOC

• 99.999% Guaranteed Availability

• PCI DSS Compliant

• GDPR Compliant​​

• ISO/IEC 27001, SOC 2 Type 2 Certifications

• Real-time, zero-lag, Fully Elastic Scalability​

• Fully Automated Near-Real-Time New Instance Spin-up

Quality in real-time, real-life conditions, with real customers. Omilia leverages  Microsoft’s Azure environment to build and scale your apps on a trusted, secure cloud.

Create solutions today that adapt to tomorrow.
Invent with purpose.

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