How AI can help businesses build a more empathic customer experience and de-escalate problematic situations within the contact center?

Call centre staff are dealing with more angry customers than ever before as commerce moves online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Artificial intelligence is increasingly being used to assist staff in identifying clients who are upset and to de-escalate problematic situations, but it must be deployed with care to ensure customer service representatives (CSRs) do not feel patronised by their machine helpers.

Read Tech Monitor’s latest article where our CEO, Dimitris Vassos, explains the growing role of AI in Contact Centers. As he points out “The emotional intelligence aspect of that (AI) is very important.” And we couldn’t agree more!

Abstract from the article:

AI is playing a growing role in the call centre

So far AI in customer service has been most commonly used to answer basic questions and direct more complex queries to the appropriate CSR. But as the technology develops, it is increasingly being deployed to advise the human representative and even to prepare them for angry customers. “You can have the AI assist the CSR in the background,” says Dimitris Vassos, founder and chief architect at Omilia, an AI customer experience company. “It can do sentiment analysis on the way that customers are talking to an agent. For example, if they’re interrupting the person that they’re talking to, if they’re using a lot of negative language, these are typically cues [that the customer is disgruntled].” This information is then presented to the CSR in the form of pop-ups on their screen, along with advice on how to effectively de-escalate the phonecall. “So they see a pop-up on their screen alerting them that they’re talking over the customer for example, advising them to slow down,” Vassos explains.

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