Natural language processing, or NLP, is a service that can understand the way we communicate in writing, speaking, and even in abstract forms such as art — and then derive insights from it. The business applications of NLP are much wider than simple chatbots (though those have risen to understandable prominence in recent years).

NLP helps businesses to make sense of the massive amounts of data they have at their fingertips and make data-driven recommendations on it, far beyond what a human analysis could do.

Common forms include:

  • chat bots – which are customer-facing text-based responders

  • call center bots – interacting in a voice channel, also customer-facing

  • same bot/assistant – used in internal helpdesks for resetting passwords, etc.

How can you choose your best-fit NLP application for your business?

Quinn Agen, Vice President of business development at Omilia, says “There’s a lot of NLP offerings out there, but not all of them are created the same. It depends on your goals: there are differing levels of complexity and it depends on where you want to deploy it. If you want to deploy on your website for customer interaction and streamlining the web experience, you’ll need a vendor that has an NLP able to integrate into your website and supplement the NLP experience with rich visuals.”

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